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Autumn Make-up and Skincare tips

Although our Summer has now left us, it is still important to protect our skin with a SPF (sun protection factor). You can now get skincare products with SPF and also foundation with SPF. We would suggest at this time of year to use a skincare moisturiser with SPF15 and/ or a foundation with SPF 15. After all no-one wants to age quicker than is absolutely necessary!

There seems to be a current trend with big defined eye brows at the moment. To help you keep on trend, here’s a few tips to help you achieve that perfect eyebrow:

  • Keep to your natural eye brow shape as much as possible.
  • Even if have no eye brow as a result of over plucking or health related issues, you can still work out your natural shape by feeling for the brow bone.
  • Use an eye shadow instead of an eye pencil as this will give you a softer look.
  • Blonde/ light brown/ mid brown/ grey hair – use a taupe colour
  • Dark brown/ black hair – use a brown colour (never use black as will look harsh)
  • Apply colour to your eye brows with an angled brush for a more natural looking finish
  • Eye brows should be thicker at inner part and tapering out to a thinner line
  • To keep eye brows well groomed and in place, use a clear mascara or simply use an old washed mascara wand and use a little hair spray or hair gel (make-up artists secret tip!)

Tune in next month to see what’s new in our News & Tips section or if you have a make-up query please email us and we’ll post our answer in next months edition.

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