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CorporateIn the professional and corporate world of today its become increasingly more apparent that a professional and well groomed image is of paramount importance and that this ideal holds great influence over the success or failure of any company.

Many years ago, some of the biggest multi-national companies in the world realised through experience that this ideal went even further than the body corporate.

They were correct in that they recognised the fact that every single employee, and in particular the executives of their company had somehow, over time, evolved and become the biggest single influence that might effect the public image and profitability of the company through their grooming and appearance.

Millions had been spent employing accountants and solicitors in order to protect the body corporate but over time they came to realise that the “bottom line” or profitability of the company still relied on the image and professionalism of their staff.

In today’s world, image is everything and we’re reliably told that most human beings form an opinion about a new aquaintence within seconds of first meeting them and that the decision to respect or even trust that new aquaintance is formed shortly after that.

Our corporate make-up courses are something that every company should avail of in order to ensure that its front line staff through their appearance perform to the best of their ability.

All lessons/ master classes are taught by top make-up artists.

The International Make-up Academy (TIMA) is not affiliated with any make-up brand so we will give you an unbiased opinion on the best make-up brands.

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