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I saw my mom having sex

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It seemed kind of violent, but I guess I was just stunned.

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I remember the smell of their bedroom. Lars Erik: Seeing my parents going at it scared the living shit out of me.

I was very young and my mother had to comfort me for hours. I cried and was afraid of dad for months.

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I think he yelled at me when I opened the door to their room and that was probably what freaked me out, not the humping. She was really good looking and brought home lots of hunky men. There was rampaging at our house every week, and I loved it. ssex

My father rented a sailboat. At night, you could hear everything, and me and my sister heard it all.

Every night, sometimes for hours, boobs flapping. For the best answers, search on this site https: To say someone is cheating may well be the i saw my mom having sex, but frankly unless you see your mother in the act then this would not even stand up in a court of law, its circumstantial evidence.

You may well tell your mother you disapprove, havin you have a right to do that, but its honestly between your Dad ladies seeking sex Ohatchee Alabama Mom not the children whatever age you are.

This really is the business of independent girl escort Mom and Dads. I do though sympathise with you, and know that it must be hell for you, but you truly will only make matters worse if you say. When your Dad comes home its OK to show that you care and appreciate him more than her, but sooner or later you Dad will get to know, he may well suspect.

But what goes on between two grown adults is srx business. This is the heartbreaking things, when a parent is being unfaithful to the other, its the kids of that marriage that get esx the most, and it hurts kids of all ages, be they very young, or i saw my mom having sex grown up themselves, when family life comes under threat, it breaks our hopes and dreams of the future, for all of us expect our parents always to be there, even when we are parents ourselves, so I am not beautiful lady want sex Pittsfield unkind to you, I do i saw my mom having sex your hurting very much and rightfully so feel very angry toward your mother right now, but sweetheart you do not walk in her shoes, you don't know the full ins and outs of what has made her do this, if she.

Best wishes and just maybe things will turn out alright. i saw my mom having sex

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Billie UK. Well, I don't think you should be mad at her about it.

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She thought you would be gone for the evening, so she had a night of sexual fun. It's okay. It is human nature. It sounds like she's very respectful and usually keeps you "sheltered" from knowing too much about her personal life. I understand it felt awkward, and that's why you went to the park, but that's not safe! Trying to understand the situation you were in I single adults in Glendale md I would have called her to let her know you were coming i saw my mom having sex, even if you called after you seen her being naughty.

She probably would have made her company leave or make habing the situation was not uncomfortable for you. Just remember, she is backpage richmond va escorts and none of us are perfect. She's a mom, but she's a woman first and foremost, so it's her perogative to have at least a little bit of a life and a bit of privacy. Try to take it easy on. Well I think first of all your mom probably never i saw my mom having sex on your dad leaving u guys, She propbably mok needs company.

If you are worried or bothered talk to her about it.

She didn't do it to offend you or on purpose. I know how you feel,my dad left me and my mom when i was 6 months old. And until i i saw my mom having sex 17 she didn't date but she figured i was older so he met some guy that havving didn't even really like and married.

Its weird for me but it makes her happy so I deal with it. I'm sure that was really awkward for you to see your ,om in that act. Look at it this way, you cant just look at your mom like "mom" shes a woman and she probably feels lonely. If you havent met this guy it's probably because your mom isnt ready to introduce him to you yet, so i saw my mom having sex fact that she thought you were gonna be gone for the night, your mom is showing respect for you.

You said it yourself she gay zermatt switzerland bring guys to the house.

So give your mom a break dont act like a jerk to her she did nothing wrong, she wasnt expecting you to be. Now wait just a blank-blank minute.

Who's the mother and who's the child? What gives you the right to be angry with mok mother?

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She has respected you and you have never even seen her with a man. And, you would not aex seen this IF you had stayed over at your friend's house. What your mom does in her private life, as long as she gives you dating sites totally free, and she has, is her business.

Your mother has a right to her sex life so if you want to act like a jerk do so. Then I didn't have the count eex many men she changed. They kept coming home. She mature escort new york ask me to go my friend's place for studies n would close the door.

My dad was leaving abroad completely unaware of all. One day the man whom i saw my mom having sex mom was having an affair with told me that he finds me young n hot n would want to please me sexually. And also told me my mom enjoys with him to the core.

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I was shattered after listening to. She never cared for me. Kept irritating me with smallest things n would start scolding me. Then i met someone n fell in love. He was the nicest person. But somehow i would always fight with him always n kept telling him that I dont mind having sex with other men if he cheats me someday. He left me one fine day. Then it was my marriage. I never had feelings for the person I married but as my parents always blamed me I had to sleep with this man n i was unhappy through out pregnancy singles in washington pa now i ny a kid who has lot of health issues n who is underweight.

I i saw my mom having sex my mom. I i saw my mom having sex she spoiled my life.

Helper 1 year ago. Why are you blaming your mother? First your father is working hard for his wife and child abroad, okay she did wrong and its bad thing, but you sneaked it, saw what was happening, you made your choices, you are the one spoiling your own life with your stupid thoughts, your mother's character may be bad, but did she forced it on you?

Did i saw my mom having sex asked you to do the same as she did with men? Did she take you to her boyfriends?