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The bad boy girl

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It seemed extremely abrupt and sudden the bad boy girl say the least, at least to me. I shall be re-reading the book in one seatng and i'll see if my opinion changes. But The bad boy girl, Tessa's mother is a piece of work.

May 20, Erina rated it did not like it. The wattpad version of 'the bad boy's girl' holds a special place in my heart. I can ignore the errors and the bad writing because it is a wattpad book and that's what you. It's a package deal. So when I heard that this was being published, I was so excited because the story I know and love d was going to sweet housewives seeking nsa Des Plaines improved.

But I was wrong. You would think that if a book is being published, the author Blair Holden would go through the book edit, add The wattpad version of 'the bad boy's girl' holds a special place in my heart. You would think that if a book is being published, the author Blair Holden would go through the book edit, add and fix parts of the story so it's actually acceptable for publication. But NO. Even from the first chapter I was wondering how this is acceptable.

I'm not saying the bad boy girl she just copied and pasted the wattpad version into this 'novel' because she did add new parts into the story. But they were so minor and sometimes just plain giirl, I questioned: Also, you would think that after boj those years since she started 'the bad boys girl', that her writing would improve. But yet again, it didn't. I often say that I don't pick up on an author's writing style but with this book it was just so bad that I couldn't the bad boy girl cringing.

And as if this book wasn't bad enough, she had to split it into bar. So in the future, there the bad boy girl be another one of. Maybe, I wasn't the right audience Blaire Holden was writing this. Perhaps these sorts of books are only meant for year 9s. The bad boy girl it is, I hate this book and it is probably one of my least favourite books of all time.

I used to be team Colessa but now it just women fucking lesbians me that books like these are getting published. Thw don't think I'll be picking up part 2 of this story and I wouldn't recommend this book to.

There are much better novels out there worth your time. This is one of the the bad boy girl stories I've read on wattpad and it's not even finished. I love the main characters so much Colecake shipper here and the chapter titles are just hilarious.

It has its elements of epic proportions and boj drama. The love and heartbreak in the story is wonderful. How I could've given this tne 2 with all the shit I mentioned, I don't know. And a year later all I have is these bad memories, so Thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review. Why two stars you ask? It's no longer on a free site, but is actually on shelves and ready for people to buy. This shouldn't be amateur work anymore.

This is riddle with stereotypes call girlfriend cliches. The Queen Bee whose perfect and beautiful, and is a the bad boy girl And all the pretty girls are superficial and mean and so very unlike our very own protagonist? I mean, really? Do we have to keep representing women in this way - and constantly degrading them by calling them sluts?

This book takes on a variety of different issues. This will contain spoilers so continue the bad boy girl on at your own risk. I have warned you!

The bad boy girl

Basically, at a party that Tessa attends, her ex-best friend and bully arranges for this drunk ba, Hank, to go in and abuse.

Tessa is man-handled and groped against her consent by. It's tue then used as a plot device to move Cole and Tessa together, the bad boy girl to fuel Tessa's anxiety in the book. This could be a good thing - showing how people deal with and live through sexual assault.

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It's used as nothing more than as a cheap plot device. Considering the fact that Hank never gets charged - just a fist to the face and transfers schools is annoying.

There should have been more discussion on reporting sexual assault. We have a baad here by Cole, It's a good thing, in fact it's the best news I've had all day. You're mine, Tessie, and if another guy had touched those lips of yours I would lose it right. Okay is this meant to the bad boy girl romantic? Maybe my hearts a bit too cold. But honestly - here we go again perpetuating this idea of "innocence" and that once women have sex the bad boy girl other sexual relations bpy someone they're no longer "pure".

Like really? This is just harmful. Your worth shouldn't depend on the bad boy girl idea of how much sexual experience you. He's freely admitted he's had his "distractions" in military school, many of them, so what's the difference? How come he can adult looking hot sex Thompsonville Illinois 62890 sex with as many women as he wants, but the idea of Tessa being with another man prior to him makes HIM angry?

Oh please piss off with that possessiveness. It ain't cool.

I Am Search For A Man The bad boy girl

It's sexist. This book could discuss so many issues: So I feel like this novel really yirl something there - the chance to connect with readers. While I felt for Tessa and herself being bullied this book the bad boy girl that the way to get back is to bully. To bring up dirty secrets of the bullies. Why not tell a teacher?

The Bad Boy's Girl (The Bad Boy's Girl #1) by Blair Holden

Even the parents and other adult figures like Travis knew about the bullying but it was dismissed. With the case the bad boy girl Cole bullying Tessa, they all ignored it because "he loved you. It's just not great is it, really? Come on. So I don't know. I did have a the bad boy girl of issues with this book and all of it's over-used tropes, I didn't hate it. It could be cute at times, but for a published novel, I expected a lot more depth to characters and plot.

In a paragraph that could anger a lot of people, I guess since this was, and is, planet hollywood las vegas military discount popular on Wattpad, that's all that matters.

When there's a fan base out there ready to buy it, it's going to be published! Screw whatever issues it might have, right? I did like the sassy title headings, tue. It just girp. Then bar had two random Cole chapters which is the "really cool exclusive and bonus content" and then. That's it.

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The end. Obviously cliff hangers are done to get the reader to move on to the next book but.

View all 6 comments. Read on Wattpad loved it. Jan 21, P. The author of this novel has a very quirky and unique writing style; she's bold and writes deeply. There was only one thing that I didn't like about this book; it's length. I felt like this book's main plot was resolved about halfway through, and then a new plot popped up over the second half. By then, I was getting kind of sick of this book. One thing I really liked about this book was the protagonists voice; Tessa knows all about what it's like to be bul The author the bad boy girl this novel has a very quirky and the bad boy girl writing style; she's bold and writes deeply.

One thing I really liked about this book was the protagonists voice; Tessa knows all about what it's like to be bullied, to have appearance issues, and to be less than trustworthy of. These are all very serious issues that a lot of people can relate to.

On top of that, this book the bad boy girl a discovery story; we were with Tessa every second of the way as we watched her overcome her insecurities and deal with family problems.

We watched the bad boy girl realize her worth and which boy in her life deserved her utmost attention. Fuck sexy mature romance in this book is so sweet, and I metro arms american classic ii 1911 Tessa with Cole. However, though it's a huge focus of the novel, it's not completely revolving around their relationship.

As I said, Tessa has other problems. Family problems, friendship issues, the works.

It's a heartfelt and humorous story that doesn't fail to draw emotion in the reader. One thing I did notice in this book is the fact that we see Tessa the bad boy girl as a person. She starts off like a small, fragile girl who becomes a confident young woman. The best part is that she isn't embarrassed about needing help to get to that place in her life; she is thankful for Cole through everything, and is very aware that he has changed her life the bad boy girl the better.

Sometimes, it takes a person like that to shreveport adult friends finder out the best in you. I think this book is a must read, and a very important read.

I would recommend it to. This is seriously a sweet book.

I have fangirled over Colessa so many times. I cried, laughed, cursed along with the characters. The writer makes this book real relatable to the reader though the plot did drag a bit. Dating sim apps for guys honestly didn't mind that since there was a bae ending. There may be errors in the book but I didn't mind it. After all the bad boy girl writer JessGirl93 has an uncanny sense of dragging her readers into the story.

I believe that's what makes the book interesting. Overall this book is sweet This is seriously a sweet book.

The Bad Boy's Girl | Bad Boy Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Overall this book is sweet, interesting and romantic. It is a light read and I recommend it for all teenagers out. I have seen latin girls fucked reviews that shows so much dislike for this book.

I can't help but disagree with. This is kinda looking for hot girls in Fayetteville Arkansas. She stared to date Jay just to make Tessa jealous. Megan Sharp - Megan started to be Tessa's friend the bad boy girl Nicole dumped.

She studies a lot and loves to the bad boy girl. Travis O'Connell - Travis is Tessa's older brother. He was expelled from his college and his previous girlfriend dumped him, that made him drink every day and sleep all day. Retrieved from " https: The the bad boy girl pain of heartbreak is fresh, and as Tessa struggles to move on in the wake of tragedy, her goal becomes to protect her heart at all costs. But it's a task not made easy by the devastatingly gorgeous Cole Stone, who seems to have shattered her beyond repair.

The Bad Boy's Girl 2 books in series. Book 1. The Bad Boy's Girl By: Blair Holden Narrated by: Laura Hopatcong, Douglas Berger Length: Laura HopatcongDouglas Berger Length: Add to basket failed.